Why Tri-Life? - A message from our founder

"That seems like a lot of work and commitment to me.” replied one of my friends when I announced the intention to register Tri-Life as an official charity.  He was not wrong, the red tape and paperwork required was equivalent to the challenge climbing Kilimanjaro posed but as with reaching the rooftop of Africa, we did it. 

Tri-Life or The Tri-Life Challenge as it is known at the charity commission is now a fully-fledged charity with its own charity number and everything.   

There are a number of ways in which this will make life easier in the quest to #SPEEDTHECURE .  One of which is the ability to prove our legitimacy when fundraising and combat the commonly asked question “How do I know your not going to nick it!”.  Annual accounts, trustee minutes and the like are all now part of the gig, it’s a bit like the transition from teenager to adult where you have to start doing things you’d rather not, like paying rent, budgeting and cooking your own dinner. 

Now that we are all grown up, we can really focus on our end game which is to help #SPEEDTHECURE for cancer.  We do that by challenging you lot to get yourself engaged in various challenges and adventures across the globe. 

I founded Tri-Life after the loss of my step father to cancer back in 2012.  Since then I have seen a number of my friends and family battle with cancer.  Some of those battles have been won, some have been lost.  These lost battles leave behind, sons, daughters, grandchildren, parents and friends.  The devastation of such a loss, especially those of an untimely nature is total.  I have been there and I want to try and help those striving for a cure to this disease to get there sooner, so fewer people have to say goodbye to their loved ones in such sad and tragic circumstances.  It is for this reason that we continue to support Cancer Research UK in 2017 with 50% of all funds raised going to help the guys and gals in white coats defeat the big C.  

The rest of the pot will be donated to The Royal Marsden hospital who are widely renown as the world's first hospital dedicated to cancer diagnosis, treatment, research and education.  

I am sure all will agree that these are two very worthy recipients of this year’s fundraising pot.  The money you raise will go directly to impacting the lives of those affected by cancer.  The money you raise will add wind to the sails of the good ship Tri-Life as we do what we can to help defeat cancer and #SPEEDTHECURE. 

Jamie Mills - June 2017